Web Development

Web Development: 100% Custom & Optimized Website To Standout Against Competitors

Beyond our QR codes, at QRZones we also offer professional web development services. You will find great value in having a fully custom and optimized website. A fully customized website will ensure that you stand out against your competitors. For example, the more visually attractive your website appears and fits your business goals, the more success you will have with regards to your conversion rate. Most importantly, at QRZones we work as a team, we need you to succeed in order for us to succeed.

Furthermore, when we say “optimization” or “optimized” we mean to best fit your requirements. At QRZones we understand every project has different requirements, similar to how everyone has a different style. Your website traffic might need to be optimized for a more mobile experience. If you consider how your website will look for your entire audience, you will connect with more customers (Computer Desktops, Tablets, and Cell Phones).

Standard Web Development

Firstly, QRZones has designed, developed, implemented, and maintains multiple standard websites. A good example of a standard website QRZones has built is the re-branded 70pizzeria website. Andy, the owner of 70 Pizzeria is very happy with his new website. As a result of our development services, Andy has seen an increase in his online traffic and overall store profit.

E-Commerce Web Development

Secondly, QRZones implemented our own E-commerce checkout system. Moreover, our checkout system has a high conversion rate. We are currently developing E-commerce websites for local Vancouver businesses. In short, the more flow-of-control we have over your entire business process, the better results we will achieve.

Point-Of-Sale (POS) Website

Lastly, QRZones currently runs a POS website. When we define Point-Of-Sales we talk about when our checkout system automatically applies sales tax. You could imagine why this is beneficial and would save you lots of time.