Client Testimonials

QRZones greatly values our client and customer testimonials. We believe our success depends on your success. We will go above and beyond to best represent your business. Above all, we believe our client testimonials are a reflection of how closely we work with you.

Pristine Pressure Washing Services

“QRZones developed our website and QR codes efficiently and effectively. In our 1st month online we’ve secured 3 contracts and expanded our market reach.”

-Ameer Shaikh

Pristine Pressure Washing Services and QRZones have teamed up to launch the complete mobile optimized marketing experience. QRZones has developed a fully customized website so Pristine Pressure Washing Services can better connect with their customers. For example, we implemented a clear call to action with responsive text and images. In addition, we used mobile markup to improve the website speed when viewed on mobile devices. Furthermore, QRZones developed an interactive dynamic QR code to generate more customer engagement. In conclusion, the PPWS team have already solidified their name in Kamloops, BC as a high value cleaning company focused on their customers happiness.

Poli Productions

“Working with the QRZones team is like working with your friends and family… We bring the best out of each other.”

– Eder Poli

Poli Productions and QRZones have collaborated on many occasions. As a result by working closely together we have created strong personal and business relationships. Eder Poli, the founder of Poli Productions, is QRZones go to multimedia production company. For instance, we proudly display 2 videos on our homepage and QR codes page. Poli Productions brings more than 12 years of professional experience having previously worked in Brazil. QRZones provides Poli Productions with our dynamic QR code to easily direct potential clients to his website and social media pages. In conclusion, we have provided Poli Productions with the newest and most innovate technologies to reflect the amazing work Eder always produces.

KVA Mechanical Ltd.

“QRZones is amazing. They helped us grow our online presence and attract new customers.”

– Uncle Don

KVA Mechanical is a family owned business based in Kamloops, B.C. offering heating, cooling, and refrigeration services to the Thompson Nicola region. Furthermore, for over 30 years KVA Mechanical has been providing professional HVAC, furnace, air conditioning, refrigeration installation, repairs, and maintenance services.

Invito Coffee

Invito Coffee is QRZones 1st zero-waste coffee company. We have teamed up because our QR codes provide more information about this amazing product, while reducing the costs of paper printing. The QR code stickers are 100% compostable, just like their coffee bags.

Shipyards Coffee

Another example is Shipyards Coffee, who has proudly been serving the North Vancouver community for over 15 years! We’ve launched a fully customized social media campaign to increase their online presence.

70 Pizzeria

70 Pizzeria has experienced great success and growth in 2021. For instance, we’ve designed a QR code to collect customer ratings. When a pizza is sent out for delivery, we put this special QR code on the box so customers can provide their feedback.