Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the fastest trending and newest service being offered in todays ever changing technology-based world. It is estimated there are 4.53 billion people online. This makes up roughly 58% of the worlds population. In addition to this, over 53% of online traffic is occupied by mobile devices! This means there are more people on their phones than on their computers. You will find value in QRZones Mobile Marketing Services.

First we need to consider the fact that people use their mobile devices as a modern day tool. For example, our cell phones can connect us with important people. Cellphones and moreover technology, has provided for billions of people. With your cellphone you can get directions, take pictures, perform bank transaction, and do much more.

A cell phone provides us with both connivence and easy access to the internet. The online-world is rapidly evolving and constantly changing. This makes the future possibilities endless. Studies show you will spend much more time on your phone than on your computer desktop.

Most importantly, a mobile device has the biggest impact on your businesses SEO rating. QRZones Mobile Marketing Services provides you with a way to directly boost your SEO rating. Over 60% of searches come from mobile devices. This makes sense because when people are moving and on the go, they use their mobile device to search.