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QRZones- Mobile Marketing

Welcome To QRZones

QRZones is a tech company based in Vancouver, Canada helping businesses and individuals grow by launching their own fully customized QR code mobile marketing campaigns. We believe QR codes will have a big impact on our future. You will learn about the many qualities regarding our static and dynamic QR codes.

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Moreover, QRZones also offers website and mobile app development services. QRZones believes our success comes from working like a team. When you join the QRZones community, you are joining a group of amazing local businesses. Our partnerships may lead to your future friendships!

In conclusion, we help businesses better interact and understand their customers. We want to help you grow your business, while keeping your customers at a safe and responsible distance. Are you ready to take the first steps in growing your business?

Why QR Codes Are Valuable?

QR Codes will be everywhere in the upcoming years of the mobile marketing world! Firstly, during this global pandemic, more people are looking for a touch-less exchange of information. For example, with a quick scan of our QR code, people can exchange a wealth load of information with businesses like QRZones. As a result, the user is left with a friendly experience and there are also fewer germs exchanged.

Secondly, QR codes are also great for the environment! Consequently, with less paper documents being exchanged, fewer resources will be needed to convey information. Therefore, scanning a mobile QR Code is much more sustainable and provides the user with richer information.

Above all, QR codes are also a great tool to bridge the gap between offline and online media. Never before have businesses been able to seamlessly fuse their online prescience to their physical products. When a QR code is scanned, you are redirected to a link. For instance, this link could direct customers to a rewards program, social media page, or a customized combination. The possibilities are endless!

QR coding is the future and will continue to grow as business’ move more and more into the digital age.

-Andy Finlayson, QRZones Customer

How To Get Started With QRZones?

  1. Login/Create Account (via Facebook, Google, or with QRZones)
  2. Choose a Membership plan that best fits your business goals
  3. Purchase your mobile QR Code marketing campaign
  4. Create new engagements with your customers
  5. Discover potential for future leads insight through engagement reports