Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes: Stay Flexible And Change In Todays Uncertain Market

The Dynamic QR codes that QRZones have created can change and be updated at anytime! Even after your QR code has been printed, we understand things change. This is why we’ve provided you with the dynamic QR code. We highly recommend this option if you are a business.

Basically, we create your business a fully customized landing page (UI) which has outbound links to your website, social media pages, contact information, etc. By creating an interface, we now have the option to update your landing page based on the requirements, if/when they change.

Customized QR Code Campaigns

  • Social Media: Customized landing page for social profiles (I.e. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Business: Customized landing page for a businesses (I.e. Learn More, View Menu, and Shop Now).
  • Promotion: Customized landing page for promotions (I.e. Events, Parties, Discounts, etc.).
  • Rating: Customized landing page to receive a rating (I.e. Food, Drinks, Product, Services, etc.).
  • Feedback: Customized landing page to receive feedback (I.e. Service, Catering, Staff, Prices, etc.).
  • Facebook: Customized lading page for Facebook likes (Boost SEO Rating).
  • E-Coupon: Customized landing page for electronic coupon promotion (Increase engagement and loyalty program).
  • Website: Dynamically update the website link. Use the same QR code, we change the back-end for you!